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Tapscape gives Sushi Showdown Max a 9/10!

Posted on September 25th, by Mezmedia in Apps, Consumer, Games, News. Comments Off

Popular online tech review site Tapscape has given Sushi Showdown Max a super yummy score of 9/10!

We are stunned!

A short excerpt:

Who would ever have guessed that tapping your iPhone screen for hours on end could be so much fun? It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re playing Sushi Showdown Max, a gem of an iPhone game developed by Mezmedia.

Check out the rest of the article: Sushi Showdown Max iPhone Game Review .

Singapore Gamebox features Sushi Showdown MAX

Posted on September 11th, by Mezmedia in Apps, Consumer, News. Comments Off

The people over at Singapore Gamebox have featured Sushi Showdown MAX in their made-in-Singapore game portal. Pop over and a quick read, and do also take a look at the other Singapore-made apps available.

Sushi Showdown, our popular sushi smashing app is now free to download!

Posted on September 5th, by Mezmedia in Apps, Consumer, News. Comments Off

Singapore, Singapore – Mezmedia, the makers of Sushi Showdown, a popular screen-mashing iOS game are releasing their app entirely free.

The upgraded version, now called Sushi Showdown Max, features a horde of living and extremely cute sushi bent on invading your restaurant. Players mash the screen as fast as they can to smash the sushi before they reach the end of their screens.

Hilarious food-related items can be purchased to help out the player – from cups of sake to slow the sushi down to wasabi nuclear warheads that destroy everything on screen.

Every five levels, the players must face down a ‘boss’ to progress. From a karaoke-loving maki roll, to a grumpy bowl of udon, the bosses are as lovable, if not more than the sushi themselves.

In the new Max version, players get access to another 50 levels in a ‘Hard’ … Read More »

The inspiration behind Sushi Showdown

Posted on August 10th, by Mezmedia in Consumer, Games, News. Comments Off

PocketGamer spoke to us and we told them about how Sushi Showdown came about.

Mezmedia launches another iPhone app – Sushi Showdown

Posted on July 8th, by Mezmedia in Apps, Consumer, Games. Comments Off

Yes, finally, after months of Sushi-eating (and development), we’ve launched Sushi Showdown. Available on the App Store. Go download it! Only US$0.99.

The Sushi are alive and they are out to wreak havoc! Defeat Tamago, Tuna, and the rest of the Sushi gang before it’s too late. Fight their bosses like Boss Udon, Sashimi Sensei and more!

Get ready for the ultimate Sushi Showdown! The game that takes your fingers to the limit.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/sushi-showdown/id446740132

Visit the Sushi Showdown Website: http://sushishowdown.com/

And the Facebook Page.

Read the reviews:

CNET: Are you ready for a Sushi Showdown?

The ABCs of QR Codes

Posted on September 22nd, by Mezmedia in Mobile Marketing. Comments Off

Never heard of QR codes? Well you are looking at it! It’s a barcode made specifically for mobile phones like iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids.

It was developed waaaay back in 1994 by Toyota and is pretty common in Japan. It’s slowly creeping into the rest of the world. Singapore is catching on pretty quickly too. QR means quick response – as in it can be quickly decoded by devices.

Used back then to catalogue car parts, it is now being used in print (magazines, business cards, etc) to transfer information like names, addresses and URLs to the smartphones.

All users with a smartphone have to do is take a photo of the URL and load a QR-code app to read it. Android-based phones come with a QR-code app feature built-in, and so do Nokia smartphones. Sadly, iPhone users (including the latest iPhone 4) … Read More »

Do you really need that iPhone app?

Posted on September 16th, by Mezmedia in Mobile Marketing. Comments Off

iPhones are everywhere in Singapore. Going by the latest stats, there are about 400,000 iPhones users in Singapore (and that’s excluding iPad and iPod Touch users). Companies large and small are so desperate to have their very own iPhone app that most of the apps they churn out tend to be ‘junk’.

Here’s a simple checklist to see if you really need that iPhone:

1. Does it fit your overall branding and marketing strategy?
Review your goals, look again at your strategy. Will this app enhance your message? Make sure the app you create is in sync with your overall objectives. Remember, it’s just another channel to your audience. Don’t have an app just because it’s the current in-thing.

2. Does your audience need the app?
Create something that’s useful for your audience. Know what they do, know what they need. It should always take … Read More »

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Tapscape gives Sushi Showdown Max a 9/10!

Popular online tech review site Tapscape has given Sushi Showdown Max a super yummy score of 9/10!

We are stunned! A short excerpt:

Who would ever...

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Singapore Gamebox features Sushi Showdown MAX

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