Bamba Ice Cream reviewed on We got 4/5 stars!

Bamba Ice Cream got another review. This time around it’s on popular kids app review site We got FOUR stars out of five! Sadly not a perfect 5/5 but we’ll try harder. The reviewer gave some interesting comments and feedback which we’ll add to our to-do list for the next update of the app.

Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

I particularly enjoyed the way the empty ice cream lids wiggle invitingly until they are filled. The player has the choice of common flavors such vanilla and chocolate, and some giggle-inducing ones including anchovies, alien, princess and dinosaur.

The toppings, too, are cute, look delicious and include a mystery topping (I ended up with pirate and unicorn toppings). Others include rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears and fairy sprinkles.

The child then assembles their creation – scoops first, toppings next, pays for it at the cash register, then eats it all up. My daughter deigned to share her banana split with me, and we took turns virtually gobbling it up.

Read the whole piece here – Bamba Ice Cream: Review.