Insurance Sales App for iPad: Aviva Singapore

Aviva Singapore worked with Mezmedia to develop their sales tool for their financial advisors and insurance agents. The iPad app was conceptualized as a sales aid for their representatives, to convey financial planning ideas to their prospective customers.

Our team was involved with the design, UI and UX from the very beginning, working with the various departments such as Marketing, IT and UI/UX.

At the very heart, the goal was to educate prospective customers on basic financial planning concepts simply and effectively.

The iOS app contained various financial planning calculators and charts to illustrate the need for insurance coverage or some form of long-term investments.

The mobile iOS app would also recommend plans, latest promotions and deals. and more importantly, reveal latest statistics and news articles based on the output of the calculator.

Our team developed the mobile application carefully based on their requirements. Most of the code had to be custom-built due to some of the unique data visualization needs. But it did not take very long for our software development team to solve these problems.

The Aviva Singapore UI/UX team guided us as we followed closely their corporate identity down to the letter, or should we say, down to the pixel.

The app was released in early 2020.

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