A 3D Virtual Art Gallery Interactive Experience in Singapore

3d virtual art gallery singapore

Art galleries and exhibitions spaces have suffered due to lockdowns and quarantine caused by COVID-19, and hence there was a great demand for virtual, interactive experiences worldwide. Mezmedia has been working with a consultant to launch a virtual art gallery online. A fully immersive 3D space where people can visit virtually, interact and learn about the works of art.

3d virtual art gallery singapore

This Virtual Art Gallery is accessible entirely by the web browser, with the experience optimized for PCs, laptops and desktops, as well as for tablets and large-screen, flagship smartphones.

Everything here can be customized.

Every virtual 3D space is modelled from scratch, this gallery is one of the few templates we have created. We call this 3D virtual art space you see now ‘Galerie Peiro‘.

It’s a single-storey modern art gallery with high ceilings and walls that are configurable in any way the curator desires.

virtual art gallery 3d
Gallerie Peiro is one of the ready-made 3D spaces curators can use for their virtual galleries

Galerie Peiro is designed with flexibility in mind, as we understand every art show is different.

3d virtual art gallery singapore

The layout of the 3D virtual gallery can be customized according to the requirements. The lights can be tweaked to change the mood and environment of the space. The walls can be repainted in another color, even the floors can be changed as well.

Visitors only use their mouse (for desktop users) or their finger (for touchscreen users) to navigate around the 3D virtual art gallery easily. There is no need for any keyboard controls.

Drag the mouse cursor to move the view, click on the ground to move around.

Users can click on the painting to open a pop-up panel. This panel can show videos and more.

Visitors can click on the artwork to view it in close detail, and open up a small pop-up panel to read more information about the artist. This pop-up panel allows the curator to also include videos, live chat and more interactive points of contact.

virtual art gallery interactive
Interact with sculptures and get key information.

The UI/UX team worked tirelessly with our engineers, they spent a lot of time tweaking the speed of movement, camera pan speeds and viewing angles to ensure an ideal user experience.

Our art team put in plenty of effort was put into optimizing the immersive interactive 3D environment for the web, keeping file sizes small and polygonal count of the models low. The result is a fast-loading, lightweight experience on the desktop and high-end mobile phones and tablets.

virtual art gallery 3d
Objects here may look complex, but it’s highly optimized to run right off the web browser

The best part of Galerie Peiro and the other 3D interactive art galleries we have built? It runs straight from the web browser. No need to download any app or software. Utilizing the latest technologies and new browser standards, the 3D interactive virtual space can be loaded in the newest web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Have a look at the video demo walkthrough of Mezmedia’s 3D virtual art gallery here.

If you wish to experience a demo or learn more about the 3D virtual gallery, please contact us and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.